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Ewing, NJ


Alldrin Uriol performed as a sustainable consultant for Sustainable Jersey to develop energy management strategies and identify energy efficiency projects through analyzing 24 months of electric and gas utility bill data.


Sustainable Jersey is a non-profit organization with a clear vision to achieve a sustainable New Jersey through certifying municipalities and schools. Alldrin Uriol, EDF Climate Corp Fellow 2021, was hired by Sustainable Jersey to perform as a consultant for the municipalities of Wildwood Crest, Egg Harbor and Lawnside, and for Glassboro and Mannington Schools to reduce the carbon greenhouse emissions and energy usage by identifying grants, incentives, and clean energy programs and achieving energy efficiency projects.


Alldrin approached the structured solution for generating an impact for his clients:

  • Built a client relationship through creating trust and a safe environment to establish individualized goals.
  • Gathered and analyzed 24 months of electric and gas utility bill data.
  • Established an energy baseline and developed a management tracking process using Energy Star Portfolio Manager to monitor and benchmark energy performance continually.
  • Coordinated the application of Direct Install incentives for municipalities and schools in the territory of South Jersey Gas.
  • Implemented a strategy for ongoing Energy Tracking and Management.

Alldrin authored an energy plan and pitch deck in front of clients in order to allow municipalities and schools to apply for Sustainable Jersey certification points, and grants and incentives. He also identified the best fit regarding energy efficiency programs.

Potential Impact

At the end of the fellowship program, Alldrin presented his findings for the Sustainable Jersey team, New Jersey’s Board of Public Utilities staff, and business administrators from the municipalities and schools. The forecast for the implementation of Direct Install initiatives will have an impact on the reduction of Greenhouse Gas Emissions by 603 metric tons per year. In addition, the submission of the Actions for Sustainable Jersey’s certification program will grant 260 points.

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