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Commercial Energy Efficiency, Data Analysis, Engagement and Behavior Change




Eatontown, NJ


Annalisa helped municipalities and schools advance their energy management strategies and access state energy efficiency grants through Sustainable Jersey’s certification program.


Sustainable Jersey is a leading non-profit organization in sustainability certifications for over 450 municipalities and over 950 schools in New Jersey. Annalisa Wilder  was hired by Sustainable Jersey to help Eatontown Borough, Little Silver Borough, and Atlantic Highlands Elementary School assess the energy costs and usage of major buildings and identify incentive programs that best fit their energy efficiency goals.


Annalisa Wilder implemented the following approach to assist her municipalities and school district: 

  • Analyzed utility usage and cost for a total of 11 municipal buildings 

  • Established an energy baseline and developed a management and tracking process to help the clients and their Green Teams continually monitor performance 

  • Applied for 11 NJ Clean Energy Program’s Direct Install incentives that will provide free on-site audits of municipal facilities and cover up to 80% of energy efficiency upgrades for buildings

  • Kick-started a residential and commercial energy efficiency outreach campaign for the Borough of Eatontown

  • Identified a grant program for installing a solar-powered well in a community garden

  • Completed carbon footprints for two municipalities 

  • Developed a fleet inventory for municipal vehicles 

  • Outlined next steps and recommendations for each client that would allow the implementation of energy efficiency upgrades into the future.


Annalisa’s fellowship established a foundation for energy tracking, energy management, and energy efficiency upgrade work in her municipalities and schools. She communicated her findings and outlined next steps for the Borough of Eatontown to city officials and the public at a town council meeting. If recommendations from the Direct Install audits are followed, Eatontown could save an estimated $54,000 annually on energy costs. For Little Silver Borough and Atlantic Highlands Elementary School, Annalisa met with key administrators to explain her recommendations for energy tracking and management,  the application status for state incentive programs, and Sustainable Jersey certification progress.

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