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Long Beach, NJ


Brandon Rothrock helped three communities identify energy efficiency opportunities and establish data management processes to aid in Sustainable Jersey certification.


Sustainable Jersey is a leading non-profit organization that specializes in sustainability certification for over 450 municipalities and 950 school districts across the state of New Jersey. Sustainable Jersey enlisted EDF Climate Corps fellow Brandon Rothrock to assist Long Beach Township, Bradley Beach Borough, and Monmouth Beach School District with energy efficiency projects and re-certification.


Rothrock collected energy usage for all three clients’ building portfolios and established a tracking and management process for monitoring energy performance. He applied for Direct Install (DI) for Bradley Beach Borough and Monmouth Beach School District and Engineered Solutions for Long Beach Township. The Direct Install program provides free energy audits for buildings that qualify through the NJ Clean Energy Program, which pays for approximately 80% of energy efficiency upgrades. The Engineered Solutions program was recently created by NJ Natural Gas company and provides similar energy efficiency upgrade incentives.  

Rothrock also coordinated various commercial and residential energy efficiency outreach campaigns and worked with clients to create carbon footprint and fleet inventory spreadsheets. He then helped municipal staff and green teams work through Sustainable Jersey actions outside of energy efficiency and recommended a plan of action towards future certification


If recommended projects from the Direct Install program are implemented, Bradley Beach Borough and Monmouth Beach School District could save approximately 63,000 kWh and 71,000 kWh respectively and decrease the Energy Use Intensity (EUI) across their building portfolios by approximately 18%. If recommended projects from the Engineered Solutions program are implemented, Long Beach Township could save approximately 185,000 kWh annually and an estimated $32,000 within the first year. 

The action items documented could earn Monmouth Beach School District approximately 40 points, Bradley Beach Borough approximately 45 points, and Long Beach Township approximately 105 points towards Sustainable Jersey certification in 2020.

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