Tiffany & Co.

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Commercial Energy Efficiency




New York, NY


Wakana Honda provides Tiffany & Co. with the tools it needs to reduce emissions and costs, without sacrificing the quality of its stores.


Wakana Honda was enlisted by Tiffany & Co. to find ways to improve lighting efficiency while maintaining the quality of lighting in its stores.


After researching past lighting projects and the current systems in the stores, Honda found potential for energy savings from showcase and overhead lighting. Honda found that retrofitting to the latest energy-efficient LEDs, which satisfy the stores’ lighting needs, could save lighting as well as HVAC costs. Taking the status of various retail locations into account, Wakana analyzed the potential savings that could result from retrofits at certain U.S. locations.

Potential Impact

Through undertaking these projects, Tiffany could save 5.6 million kilowatt hours and avoid 3,925 tons of greenhouse gas emissions.

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