Tiffany & Co.

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Retail and Apparel

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Commercial Energy Efficiency




New York, NY


Sara Abid provided business case analysis and energy audit recommendations for Tiffany & Co.


Saba Abid worked at Tiffany & Co. on initiatives to help the company achieve its goal of a 20% carbon footprint reduction.


Abid built the business case for replacing halogen lights in 66 stores with energy efficient LED fixtures. Using annual electricity usage for stores, Abid also identified stores which had inefficient energy consumption based on their kWh per square foot and proposed energy audits.

Potential Impact

Abid's audits will be used to explore opportunities where energy reduction can be achieved in the most cost-effective manner. The LED project is projected to return savings of $ 5.7 million in five years. This project is also expected to save 2,500 tons of greenhouse gas emissions and contribute to a 6 percent reduction in the carbon footprint.

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