“Heck Yes”– Millennials Respond to the President’s Call

The environmental community is abuzz with reactions to Katie WarePresident Obama’s wide-ranging Climate Action PlanHis speech introducing the plan Tuesday sparked immediate conversations about the Keystone XL Pipeline, the coal industry, the transportation sector and half a dozen other hot button environmental issues.

For me, his speech hit home in the first minute. Addressing the crowd at Georgetown University, he said he wanted to speak directly to my generation “because the decisions we make now and in the years ahead will have a profound impact on the world that all of you inherit.”

Confident, connected and open to change (says Pew), we Millennials are 95 million strong. We elected and then re-elected Obama looking for precisely this type of bold action on issues we feel passionately about.

“Someday our children and our children’s children will look us in the eye and ask did we do all that we could when we had the chance to deal with this problem and leave them a cleaner, safer, more sustainable world. I want to be able to say yes we did. Don’t you want that?” he asked.

My answer to the President is, heck yes, and my peers are with me.

As we speak, 116 of the nation’s brightest and best Millennials are proving their willingness to do this through participation in EDF Climate Corps. EDF Climate Corps fellows hail from the nation’s top graduate schools and could spend their summer internships working wherever they want. But year-after-year, many of the nation’s most capable MBA and MPP students choose to roll up their sleeves to tackle the energy challenge for some of America’s most influential public and private sector organizations.

ObamaSince 2008, EDF Climate Corps has hand-selected, trained and embedded 400 energy efficiency superstars in hundreds of corporations and public sector organizations around the U.S. These young people have found $1.2 billion in energy savings at participating organizations like Google, GM, PepsiCo and Verizon, and they’re graduating with job offers for positions like Director of Sustainability and Energy Manager.

The President reminded us that we can choose to fear the future, but Americans have always taken the path to shape the future. That’s just what EDF Climate Corps is doing – building the next generation of business leaders with the skills we need to shift our nation toward a cleaner, more prosperous future.

He was smart to call us to action. We Millennials are outspoken and online. He knows that. He told us to tell our classmates, our colleagues, our parents and our friends what’s at stake – to remind them “there’s no contradiction between a sound environment and strong economic growth.” That’s what EDF Climate Corps fellows are doing every day in these organizations, in their schools and right here on the EDF Climate Corps Blog.

How do you plan to answer the President’s call to help spread the word?


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I imagine among the so-called millennials raised on cable TV and liberal idealists in schools that Climate Change is a truth. But for those of us truly educated to think for ourselves, who fended for ourselves at 18 onward, fought a war or two, and made a professional career and paid for its education on our own, Obama is the biggest despot and liar in American history. Truly dangerous as Hitler is his narcisstic street punk gait and inability to admit he is wrong, and his documented avoidance of responsibility in either state or federal government, he is their poster child for parenting and education gone wrong.

Climate change - better look at history or better yet geography...the Dark Ages...Greenland...how did they get their names?

And the sun for those of us professionally tuned to its habits is responsible for not only some strange propagation events but some changes in our weather...anyone ever been taught about our atmospheric electrical system lately?

The only thing that is heating is those of us paying for these lazy little ignorant slugs selling our constitution and country for some pop star who is anything other than a man let alone American. He is the epitome of the media hound and has spent more time away from Congress and his job than the last four Presidents combined, accrued more debt than they, and has lost the respect of the world, friend and for alike.

The only climate change is the neo-Nazi one he is trying to instill in a youth that need some real responsibility and facing in life as it really is on the world stage and not presented in some textbook or by some college-knowledge professor who never spent a day in their chosen skill set in the world where they expect results, not theories of.

Climate change - oh yes it is coming and as a vet, as a engineering and scientific professional and more importantly as an American who earned that title by deed and sweat and blood and not by birth alone, not in the fashion these youngsters will like it. They will pay in money and eventually in blood as the world has become more barbaric than before and many nations are stepping into the world stage to be the power in their domains...get it, the world is not about that peace, love and brotherhood those dreamers and sexual deviants sing about...it is about power and control. As nation we like Rome have let the Senate prostitute the mob for votes, betrayed the army, and let the barbarians into the gate and even made some citizens of Rome. Better get some real education kiddies and look at those staffs on either side of the Senate chamber's podium area...we are not a Democracy as they fail and become immoral and paralyzed by byzantine governments - we are a Republic where the majority rules, not every little deviant or protester get his or her way.

Oh yes, Machiavellian ever hear of him - that is what Obama is applying that any third rate history educated fool could recognize esp. this term in office.

The Earth is heating up and will get even warmer not because of man, but nature; and if we let this liar, coward and traitor sink our national pride, unity and future, it is you not I that will pay for it well into your old age and for what?

Better dead than Obama Red !

Good Grief!

Now I know that my teacher usually just said "Blah, Blah, Blah, and Blah", but did listen to my mom. One day we had a talk about the earth getting warmer.

I am assuming that the President, and all those scientists he thinks agree, are right that the earth's temperature is going up. Now even I know that when I have a fevor that is not good. So mom gives some medicine and I get better.

I, also, know that people used to get polio, small pox, and other diseases. My grandma had a bent foot because she had polio before they developed what is called a vaccine.

It appears that the President is saying the medicine, or vaccine, is to use less fossil fuels and try more non-carbon alternatives. Sounds good, I don't like smog either.

But, my neighbor just lost his job because this thing called the EPA made some rules and imposed some costs where he works at the power plant. There are a lot of people getting these things called pink slips because their bosses cannot keep their stores open because there are less people with jobs and electricity costs too much.

I asked my mom about this and she said "that this is the cost of the President's new rules and taxes." I said, won't there be other jobs for them with clean energy like the President says. Mom said, "there could be, but it costs a lot more money for clean energy and regular people cannot afford it." I asked why it costs so much. She said that "the clean energy stuff is new and it can only provide a limited amount energy right now. Also, there are other countries like China that are using fossil fuels that are cheaper and so the things they make are cheaper and people buy their stuff."

I said, but mom, the earth has fevor, so we have to do something. She patted me on the head and said "that may be." Mom went on, "but, do we have to put so many Americans out of work, when the solution is not ready and nearly everybody else in the world is not cutting back on carbon use?" I was confused, so mom said let's do the math.

Mom gave me the figures on the earth's population, population of China and India, and the United States population. We did the math and the United States has less than 5% of the earth's population. China and India have nearly 50% of the earth's population. Then mom asked me, "if China and India don't cooperate, what will happen even if the United States stops or limits its use of carbon?" I thought for a minute and said that we don't have enough people to stop the earth's fevor. Mom, said "right."

"So, honey, should our neighbors lose their jobs when there is nothing we can do about the fevor on our own?" No, I said, but what about the fevor and the medicine, you know, the vaccine? Mom said, "honey, those diseases that the vaccines were made for were around even before Jesus, you remember Jesus?" Yes, he live a long time ago. "Well, then, the earth has been around for a long time, too". Right mom. "Well, people got through all those years, thousands of years, without the vaccine, though it was tough, they got through. Also, when the vaccines were made, everyone agreed to take it, because if not, the disease would pop-up somewhere and spread to every one else all over again." Right mom.

"When you are sick with a fevor, I give you a big tablespoon full of medicine," Right mom. "Now if I gave just 5% of that tablespoon, would it get rid of your fevor?" No, don't think so. "Right, so if China and India don't agree to reduce their carbon use, will the earth's fevor go down?" No! "So wouldn't it make more sense to get at least India and China to agree to take the medicine first before we do, and not cause your neighbor to lose his job?" Mom, your right, so how do we do that, because the President says the earth has a fevor.

"Oh honey, first they have to agree that the earth has a fevor." What, they don't believe it? "Well, not everyone agrees with the President." Why not? "Again, remember the earth is really, really old." Right. "And it has been really cold, in fact, the very spot you are standing thousands of years ago was covered by a big ice covered rock, called a glacier." What happened? "Well, that is just it, sometimes the earth gets warm, say from volcanoes or more sunlight, and sometimes it has cooled down so much that it is mostly covered in ice. In other words, some people think that fevor, if there is one, is natural and will go away without any medicine because the earth has its own ways of dealing with a fevor no matter what we do. Its a big place, you know." I didn't think of it that way.

But, mom, the President said it so it has to be true. "Well, honey, that is another talk. Just know one thing, don't believe everything you hear on TV even if it is from the President." Why not? "He is human like the rest of us, even if he has an important office, and he can make mistakes, too." So, mom, has he made a mistake? "Honestly honey, I don't know, but I do know a little common sense, it tells me there is no sense throwing people out of work until you get everybody else to agree to reduce carbon use. Also, the earth is a big place and has been around a longer time than human beings. One volcano eruption can put more carbon in the atmosphere than years worth of carbon output from all the major countries. So, honey, let's say I am skeptical and that is a good thing. In fact, it is your God given right as an American to be skeptical and think about things before you just believe what some person in a public office says."

I am skeptical, too, mom. "Good for you, Charlie."

Mom was right...the footprint of us here in America is smaller...the world could care less as greed drives their national interests.

The sooner we get back into being Americans again and try to save this nation from politicians and liars like Obama the faster we will survive let alone try to stop the world from going into WW III as fast as it ever has since Mr. Reaga ended the Cold War.

No one respects us, not friend or foe.

The only thing global warming brings to their ninds is his speeches and Congressional lies.

@"Charlie Brown": I agree with you about having the right to be skeptical. However, prior to me obtaining my Masters in 2001; I was skeptical about a lot of things too. I found that when YOU conduct a qualitative research study of a particular subject, analyze the data collected and your conclusion may affect your skepticism. Do your own research "Charlie!", because "skepticism" (which is no a bad thing) is just not a fact. Take care.

How about an economy that is broken beyond repair from killing energy development in this country and then giving away billions to cronies in "Green" industries that spent the money and went out of business?

Green is just another way of saying Engineering done by English majors.

Obama has fooled a generation is how the title of this article should read. Climate change , sustainable energy global warming are all terms that are part of the nefarious Agenda 21. Obummers handlers won't let the impostor president drop this agenda because they can't come up with anything that works quite as well as it did before 8,000 Climate Sciencetists debunked it as not a problem. The communist's like Bill and Hillary Clinton, Bill the criminal population control Gates, Al the crimally Gore have nothing else so they go back to this bs. Get a copy of Agenda 21 millenians at the UN bookstore and see how you would feel if you left that kind of future for your children. Don't always believe that the organizations that should like the good guys really are. Like EPA, Green energy, wildlife federation, green peace you might find that birds have better living conditions than your children that if your allowed to have children because in the agenda 21 world you have to be among the 30 percent in the population that meets to characteristics that make them suitable.

Well said.

I hope these Millennials grow up someday. Every generation wants to "save the world" until the actually get out and get a job and a life. The idea of not burning oil and coal for power generation and transportation needs sounds likw a noble cause, but who wants to pay $3000 a month to run a 700 square foot home. If Obama has his way, that's what we will all be doing. Wind power has yet to pay for itself and only exists with government subsidies. So far, a wind powered generator creates less power than it takes to manufacture, transport, install and maintain. Solar panels are even less cost efficient, as we see from the loans our government made to Solendra and other solar panel manufacturers.
Someday these kids will get it, but in the meantime we get to listen to arguements like this one. They don't have a clue about real life. They remind me of the ad in the newspaper telling us hunters to go to the grocery store and get the meat made there, where no animals were harmed.

It is sad isn't it? I agree with you totally. The seem not to realize when we watch tornadoes and hurricanes which are an annual thing in some parts of the country, that this fool is actually saying he can control them and the weather! You have to have a pretty mightly ego to think such a thing (or maybe he is only into the agenda 21 part where they redistribute all the money from our country to others we wouldn't otherwise give a dime to).

the return of the Useful Idiots

What good is it if he has his way we will not be free we will be under Islamic rule, don't you pay attention to his aiding of the enemy.

Oh please, you write this article as if this con-man's words mean anything. No, they don't, they are nothing more than rhetoric. This guy, who I won't refer to as president, has zero credibility left. Remember when he promised our generation no more spying from his administration, after he takes over for Bush. Well, all of the spying, drones, have increased under his fascist rule. Get real girl. Your article is a pathetic read to anyone who's informed about what's really going on. Focus on writing articles about how corrupt, and full of lies this administration is, if you ever want to see change for the good in this world.


I am a baby boomer and am glad we will all be gone by the time these so-called millenials take over this country!! They live in an idealisitic "yes we can" world where anything is possible if you "believe". It just doesn't work that way. I just retired, but spent my working life as a geologist. I understand that the earth's climate has gone through many warming and cooling cycles in the geologic past (before humans populated the planet) and will go through many more in the future. It is caused by something out of human control. My warning to fututre generations is that they spend their time and effort developing methods to deal with changing climate conditions not trying to keep them from occurring - it's impossible!! Enough said!

I agree, my experience in working with the so called "millennial generation"so far is that most are as arrogant and entitled as their president and incapable of considering anyone else's view but their own. Product of the helicopter parents.

I totally agree with this and any right winged ass hole republican who thinks anything that has to do with science is a myth I congratulate you on be the stupidest person. Take the damn blinders off and look around you. You some common sense and think there's not some mystical person who's watching over you we need to look after ourselves and keep ourselves from ruining our planet. #hillary Clinton 2016

What's with the uneducated right-wingers picking a fight with no one here? 1. do you think the left-wingers read business oriented news site responses? 2. Man-made emissions vs the sun? Are you really trying to make an argument based on that? Please try to educate yourself before posting on forums.

1) Obviously, yes. 2) Yes. Are you really trying to refute that?

Make sense. It's easy if you try.

Mr president God is in control you are not.

Fool, that's why God gave man a brain and the power to choose right from wrong. Everyone know that mankind will have to leave the Earth before our Sun goes Nova. But in the mean time we have to keep it clean and habitable until we master Space and learn to live on other Planets. God told Adam and Eve man was to populate the world. We now know that the world is as far as we can see and beyound. He made sure that we wouldn't just sit here on Earth and get comfortable. The Bible tells us that the Earth will be distroyed by fire and brimstone, well when the Sun goes Nova the Panet Earth will be distroyed by fire and brimstone. Just because I won't be here I still want my offsprings and mankind to survive and populate the other Planets. If you really understand the Bible you would know that it is just and EARLY simple guide to and about the evolution of mankind and the planet. As the years go by and mankind evolve we learn the more technical aspect of man and the planet. That's the way God plan it.

OMG, what planet did you come from? What Bible did you read? Take some advice, never quote the Bible it is an Obamanation for you to do so. your attempt to mix science fiction with Truth is soooo???? no words.

Take out the tin foil and make yourself a hat....

He is right. The Bible does foretell of a judgement coming. He is right in saying that God created hell for the devil and all who choose his lies. The truth stands: every person gets to choose who he or she will believe and follow. "The devil comes not but to rob, kill and destroy."