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The environmental community is abuzz with reactions to President Obama’s wide-ranging Climate Action Plan. His speech introducing the plan Tuesday sparked immediate conversations about the Keystone XL Pipeline, the coal industry, the transportation sector and half a dozen other hot button environmental issues.

At EDF Climate Corps, we aim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by promoting aggressive energy efficiency in commercial buildings across the nation. For this reason, we are constantly working to share energy efficiency best practices with the 200+ organizations in our Network...

If you are planning to attend Fortune Brainstorm GREEN in Laguna Niguel this week, let us know!

“For the sake of our children and our future, we must do more to combat climate change,” said President Barack Obama at his State of The Union address Tuesday night, pointing to renewed vigor in U.S. efforts to tackle climate change.

2012 was a banner year for EDF Climate Corps. We celebrated five years of energy efficiency success and over $1.2 billion in identified energy savings. Below are a few reflections on 2012 and a couple opportunities on the horizon for 2013.

EDF Climate Corps is a complex and rapidly evolving program. And we’re looking for someone to run its operations. So the EDF Climate Corps Team thought, “Who better to help spread the word than our loyal blog subscribers?”

Now you can simplify your search for energy efficiency. EDF Climate Corps is opening its database to readers like you who want to cut costs and reduce greenhouse gas pollution. Sort through case studies by project or facility type, search participating organizations by industry or location, and view fellows by school.

By Katie Ware and Andrew Willens

Heat waves. Droughts. A disappointing climate summit. This summer’s headlines have been less than encouraging for the fight against global warming.

Nonetheless, the EDF Climate Corps team sees reason for optimism. Rio+20 did not produce the binding international climate commitments many had hoped for, but it did demonstrate "big power shifts around the world."