EDF Climate Corps: A Focus On Chicago

EDF Climate Corps - focusing on Chicago

Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) is working in Chicago to accelerate energy performance in buildings. Our EDF Climate Corps team is on the ground in Chicago to prove that when a concentrated coalition of buildings implements best energy management protocols – large scale business and environmental ROI follows.

EDF Climate Corps will complement Retrofit Chicago – the city’s premier initiative to help buildings reduce their energy use by 20% over 5 years - by providing hands-on support to help building owners and operators sustain their commitments and get access to advanced energy markets.By having a laser focus on innovative energy management strategies available in the Chicago area, we will help you meet and sustain your commitments to energy efficiency and give you access to advanced energy management practices.


How we can help -   Host an EDF Climate Corps Fellow


EDF Climate Corps offers customized engagements, with top grad students hand-picked to meet the specific needs of your organization. Over the summer, our fellows develop concrete, actionable plans that accelerate your organization’s energy management programs. Click here for an application.

Participate in a Chicago Buildings Peer Learning Network

Comprised of Building Engineers, Energy Managers and Financial Decision Makers, this network will provide an opportunity to interact with peers in the industry and accelerate the adoption of best practices, develop strategies to overcome obstacles to energy management and raising the bar for the vendor community.

Work with on-the-ground EDF staff to help you assess: 

  • Where you are: Energy Management Assessment
  • Where you are going: Goal and Target Setting
  • How we can help you get there: Strategic Planning
  • How to Prove, Document and Showcase your results contact Chicago Climate Corps

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