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Building Systems and Operations




Dallas, TX

Ravindra Bhandari spent his summer as an EDF Climate Corps fellow with AT&T in Dallas, TX. He engaged in the ongoing cooling system work that EDF and AT&T are jointly pursuing, looking for opportunities to increase energy, water and chemical efficiency. His work at AT&T focused on improving water efficiency using three approaches.

One, technology - evaluating advanced water treatment technologies, including high efficiency softeners, nano-filtration, pH control and electro-ionization. Two, operations - developing tools and programs to engage facility managers and water treatment vendors to reduce the amount of water needed in cooling towers. Three, free-air cooling - identifying sites where free air cooling can be used, thereby reducing the need for mechanical cooling and the associated load on chillers and cooling towers.

Bhandari worked toward driving implementation of several pilot projects as a means to measure savings and to build a business case for further expansion.



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