Sony Pictures Entertainment - 2013

Julia Moshkin | Columbia University

  • Julia Moshkin onsite at Sony Pictures Entertainment
  • Julia Moshkin
Project Type: 
Lighting | Office Equipment
Facility Type: 
Office Building | Other

Julia Moshkin focused on identifying short and long term energy efficiency investment opportunities, customized financing strategy for recommended energy efficiency projects and helped re-evaluate renewable energy potential for the historic Studio Lot. Through stakeholder engagement and a customized approach to financing, she generated momentum for investment in energy efficiency projects at Sony Pictures Entertainment.

In particular, Moshkin identified scheduling adjustment and lighting retrofits as the lowest cost and highest return on investment projects. She proposed LEDs for interior parking structures, exterior floodlights and billboards. When combined with customized operation schedules, these projects could save over 1 million kilowatt hours per year and could be fully funded through the local utility on-bill financing program.


Q: Why did you join EDF Climate Corps?
Having worked for the public sector, implementing renewable energy policy, I learned from experience that even the most favorable and well-designed policy needs industry buy-in to achieve its goals. The same can be said about energy efficiency. I joined EDF Climate Corps because I wanted to advance energy efficiency from within and develop tangible recommendations that would translate into real cost savings.

Q: What is an interested fact about you?
After graduating from high school, I joined the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) for a two year military service. During that time, I became aware of the connection between resource scarcity and conflict. Inspired to become a force for positive environmental change, I decided to focus my career on sustainability and energy, which in my view are the two key component of economic, environmental and social well-being.

Q: What is one thing you learned this summer?
One of the most significant things I’ve learned this summer is the importance of stakeholder engagement. Being able to work closely with different groups in my host organization allowed me not only to raise awareness of energy efficiency projects and the EDF Climate Corps fellowship program, but also cultivate buy-in for my recommendations and get a head start on project implementation.

Q: What is the best piece of advice you’ve received?
Prior to beginning of my fellowship, I had a few conversations with Climate Corps alumni, and, in one way or another, they all recommended I make sure to connect with the EDF Climate Corps network. Following their advice, I met good friends, learned a great deal from leading experts in the field and made professional connections that would have not been available to me otherwise.

Q: What has been the best part about working at your host organization?
Working at Sony Pictures Entertainment is an incredible experience on so many levels, but what makes it truly special is the company culture. Sustainability has been part of its employee engagement efforts and business strategy for years now, and I think this is what made my experience there so empowering.

Q: What is the mark you want to leave on the world?
Being part of the solution when it comes to sustainability and energy efficiency is really important to me. But in more specific terms, I hope that as a result of our work as EDF Climate Corps fellows, energy efficiency will become business as usual in our host organizations in the near future.