Sprint - 2014

Merwyn Patrick | Case Western Reserve University

  • Merwyn Patrick
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Office Building

Merwyn Patrick helped Sprint to identify potential energy saving opportunities in the HVAC systems used in the Sprint Network Sites, also known as Switches. These sites have implemented energy efficient systems like hot aisle/cold aisle systems and variable speed drives, but Sprint was looking for a more holistic approach for site cooling.

Patrick worked with Sprint’s Network Planning Manager, John Holmes, and Network Engineer, Rob Schroeder, to complete an energy audit, research the HVAC systems used in the Switches and develop various implementation recommendations such as free air cooling, humidification for free cooling, water economizers and chiller maintenance checkups for energy saving.

Although the proposals made by Patrick are yet to be implemented, free air cooling, if applied, can alone save up to $1.5 million and 10,000 metric tons of carbon annually. Additionally, chiller maintenance efficiency and increased deployment of cooling towers can generate savings up to $1 million. 

Fellow Profile

The reason I applied for EDF Climate Corps:
I previously worked as an automotive engineer designing passenger car seat parts. During my career, I provided solutions in the design of parts that reduced cost, time to manufacture and weight. The opportunity to interact with different global clients taught me the importance of people management. I applied for EDF Climate Corps because, as a responsible person, I would like to contribute towards energy saving ideas in order to conserve our ecological system. Furthermore, the total experience will make me more conscientious and will help me to propagate my ideas to others.

A recent professional or volunteer experience I've enjoyed:
While working prior to joining my MBA program, we had a pollution free month in our office. Most of us took either the bus to work or cycled. For me cycling is a wonderful exercise and even though I observed this month by cycling, I continued to cycle for the next 6 months until my office moved 20 miles away.