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Yinghuang Ji | Columbia University

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Wal-Mart enlisted Wei Shao and Yinghuang Ji to unlock energy efficiency potentials in its supplier factories in China. Over the next several years, Wal-Mart will launch an enhanced energy efficiency program, touching over 500 factories. Wei Shao and Yinghuang Ji estimate that suppliers could save over $400 million through energy efficiency efforts, and identified concrete steps for factories to begin to achieve these savings.

Shao and Ji started by visiting 11 factories, which are distributed in different product categories, in both South and North of China. Through interacting with the staff in the factories, they got to know the major energy consumption equipment, best practices in energy efficiency, the barriers and challenges during the implementation of energy efficiency projects. They interviewed 20+ energy service companies and independent experts to learn about the latest technologies and identify key opportunities for energy efficiency.

Taking into account the diversity of Wal-Mart suppliers in China, Shao and Ji synthesized five major energy efficiency levers across all categories – motor related, heat exchange related, HVAC, lighting and power systems retrofits. Next, they created financial analysis to quantify total energy saving potentials from these levers. If implemented, the energy efficiency recommendations that Shao and Ji identified could results in tens of millions of dollars of savings over the lifetime of the projects and reduce annual energy consumption by over half a billion kilowatt hours. To ensure the successful implementation of these recommendations, Shao and Ji developed a rollout plan for Wal-Mart’s enhanced energy efficiency program and created a list of energy service companies for Wal-Mart suppliers’ reference.

Fellow Profile

The reason I applied for EDF Climate Corps:
I am passionate about integrating political, economic, social and technological perspectives to pursue sustainable development. EDF Climate Corps offers a fascinating program at the intersection of those factors. I’m thrilled to help execute environmentally focused initiatives during my fellowship, which will make a difference in corporate sustainability and social responsibility. I look forward to gaining practical experience through the fellowship and creating value to both Wal-Mart and EDF Climate Corps. This unique opportunity will definitely help me to build a promising career in sustainability and energy management.

A recent professional or volunteer experience I've enjoyed:
This April, I attended the third annual Consulting Case Competition held by the Yale Graduate Student Consulting Club as the leader of a team of five. The case was related to the telecommunication industry. I was really excited about learning about a new industry and becoming an expert in such a short period of time. I enjoyed working with the team to analyze the market and compare different strategies. Coming up with recommendations to serve our client’s best interest also made me feel very fulfilled. I truly appreciate the prospect of applying my analytical and communication skills to solve challenging problems.

One skill I hope to make use of this summer:
I hope to make full use of my project management skills this summer. I’m going to work with Wal-Mart and the project requires the ability to work both independently and with cross-functional teams. In my opinion, project management skills are a combination of superior oral and written communication skills, including presentation skills, and strong analytical, financial analysis and project evaluation skills. Leveraging my project management skills will be critical to my success of this summer.

My favorite class or activity in graduate school:
My favorite experience in graduate school is the International Fellows Program in the School of International and Public Affairs at Columbia University. As an international student from China, I see this program as an eye opening and life changing opportunity. Following Prof. Sestanovich’s lead in analyzing the historical trends and contemporary issues has strengthened my strategic thinking in understanding American foreign policy and world affairs. Interacting with our enthusiastic students increased my confidence in working with people from diverse backgrounds. This year-long program meets my interests in international relations and helps me in gaining a comprehensive and incisive global perspective.

My favorite outdoor place:
My favorite outdoor place is Central Park in New York City. I am impressed with its beauty and size. The paths, lakes and open spaces make it a wonderful place to relax your body and mind, open your heart and get closer to nature. Therefore, I believe that Central Park plays an essential role in shaping the everyday lives of New Yorkers in such a concrete jungle. My love of green spaces in cities is also part of what has led me to environmental conservation and climate change mitigation. I truly hope every big city in the world has its own “Central Park” and brings mental and physical health to people who live there.

One thing I hope to achieve:
Having received education from top universities in both the United State and China, I have a strong sense of social responsibility through a global lens. I am dedicated to promoting international cooperation, especially between the United States and China, to accelerate sustainable development and create a low carbon future for all.


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