The Role of Daylighting in Energy-Efficient, Sustainable, and Profitable Product Manufacturing Facilities

3E Webinar Series
Date: August 3, 2017
Venue: Webinar

A webinar with Solatube

In today’s world of highly-competitive, global product manufacturing, effectively incorporating energy-efficient, sustainable design elements into manufacturing facilities can make the difference between being successful or becoming irrelevant. One design element that can serve as a global solution addressing factors of energy-efficiency, facility sustainability, and supporting end-product quality is the use of daylight as a sustainable source for facility lighting. Today’s advanced daylighting products can provide an effective manufacturing facility design solution that greatly reduces the need for electric lighting use and electrical loads during daytime hours, reduces a facility’s carbon footprint, reduces potential cooling loads within the facility with increased worker comfort, and supports the production of first-rate products with high yields.

During this webinar, participants will learn about the types of daylighting technologies that are applicable to manufacturing and industrial facilities, the role that effective daylight solutions play in achieving an energy-efficient and sustainable design solution, and other tangible benefits that that effective daylighting can provide. Case studies will be presented that illustrate the many benefits of quality daylighting in multi-national manufacturing facilities.

Watch this webinar if you're interested in daylighting, clean tech, energy efficiency.