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Data Analysis, Sustainability and Energy Management Strategy




Pittsburgh, PA


Jesus Velez created a standardized framework for integrating Covestro’s North American energy data and developed a customized energy management tool.


Covestro, a global leader in high-tech polymer materials, places sustainability at the center of its growth strategy, setting bold targets to reduce its CO2 emissions 50% by 2025 and halve its energy use by 2030. Covestro’s North American Energy Network set an objective to improve energy usage and cost data management by implementing a cloud-based enterprise system that collects and integrates complex data across all U.S. manufacturing sites. EDF Climate Corps fellow, Jesus Velez, was enlisted to develop a central platform that streamlines reporting processes and offers detailed analytics to inform future energy projects and procurement decisions.


Upon reviewing multiple energy tracking, billing and reporting systems used by the production sites, Velez collaborated with site managers to assess the data and document reporting processes. He then developed a standardized framework for collecting and consolidating data for different production processes, energy requirements and efficiency goals. Once the energy management platform was selected, Velez successfully managed the data integration process and created an interactive, web-based dashboard, which is easy to visualize and customize from enterprise to site levels.

Potential Impact

Each Covestro region develops relevant strategies to help achieve global energy and emission reduction goals. Consolidating, streamlining, interpreting and effectively visualizing copious amounts of data are critical functions for these efforts. The integrated data collection system and dashboard offer the ability to quickly analyze the regional facility portfolio as well as ensure data integrity for reporting purposes. It will help the regional sites and Energy Network identify and communicate best practices, as well as assess future energy procurement opportunities.

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