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Kathy Tian helped improve data collection to improve Covestro's Scope 3 reporting and ultimately reductions.


Covestro , a global leader in high-tech polymer materials, places sustainability at the center of its future growth strategy. Recognizing the importance of the whole supply chain, Covestro’s global 2025 sustainability targets include supplier adherence to a Code of Conduct and a third party assessment/audit initiative called Together for Sustainability (TfS). TfS was founded by member companies, including Covestro, in the chemical sector to improve environmental and social sourcing practices, as well as encourage transparency throughout the supply chain.

Covestro is also looking to expand its strategy for reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions across the value chain, while supporting sustainable growth. On course to achieve both Scope 1 & 2 emissions targets by 2025, the company wanted to evaluate Scope 3 (upstream) emissions, which potentially make up over 83% of its average total emissions. In 2018, EDF Climate Corps fellow, Kathy Tian, was tasked with assessing the emissions reporting landscape at Covestro and developing a strategy for improving data collection, knowledge sharing and leadership--all of which could be used to develop an approach to Scope 3 accounting and reporting.


Working cross-functionally with Covestro’s sustainability, procurement, TfS lead, and HSEQ teams, Tian developed recommendations based on three work components:

1)    Conducting a thorough analysis of all 15 Scope 3 emission categories – in accordance with the GHG Protocol – relative to Covestro and the broader materials industry.

2)    Engaging employees, industry partners and global working groups to improve emission data accuracy and precision.

3)    Proposing key initiatives to reduce Scope 3 emissions across relevant categories and developing the business case for pursuing these initiatives.

Potential Impact

Tian’s recommendations helped Covestro establish a global perspective on Scope 3 emissions reporting frameworks and strategies. By methodically selecting key categories of Scope 3 emissions to tackle, Covestro is better able to allocate resources and seek collaborators across the industry sector. Alignment both internally and externally will set Covestro up for establishing an ambitious Scope 3 target to further reduce its emissions and continue to advance sustainability leadership.

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