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Data Analysis, Goals/Targets, Industrial Energy Efficiency




Yongkang, Zhejiang


Jin Dongsheng helped Ansheng Science & Technology develop an Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction Plan.


TMS recruited Jin Dongsheng to study and analyze the energy consumption, water consumption and waste discharge of its supplier Ansheng Science & Technology, and then put forward the overall energy-saving and emission reduction improvement suggestions and programs for the factory. According to the proposed improvement suggestions and programs for the factory to develop scientific emission reduction targets and commitments. At the same time, leaving practical tools that can continue to promote energy conservation in the factory and building a team that can continue to implement the plan.


  • Conducted an energy review of the Ansheng Science & Technology, identified various energy-saving opportunities according to the review results.
  • According to the identified energy-saving opportunities, scientific and reasonable energy-saving and carbon reduction programs are proposed.
  • Carried out Carbon accounting for the scope 2 carbon emissions of Ansheng Science & Technology.
  • According to the emission reduction situation of the proposed energy conservation and carbon reduction plan and the results of carbon accounting, short-term and long-term emission reduction targets and specific implementation paths were finally formulated.

Potential Impact

Jin Dongsheng designed the roof PV of the newly built factory, and formulated the waste heat recovery plan of the air compressor and the motor renewal plan, etc. When implemented, these plans will help the plant save 1,931,200Kwh of electricity per year and achieve nearly 2,000 tons of carbon reduction. Through the carbon accounting and emission reduction targets of the factory, Jin Dongsheng helped the factory to develop a reasonable and scientific sustainable development route, and initially established an energy management system.

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