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Clean and Renewable Energy, Data Analysis, Industrial Energy Efficiency




Chaozhou, Guangdong


Li Wenjie promotes energy saving and emission reduction projects at ceramic suppliers.


Enterprises are committed to energy saving and emission reduction under Double Carbon Policy, aiming to halve carbon emissions by 2030 compared to 2020. Enterprises hope to build energy management system, energy statistics, energy-saving diagnosis and renovation with the help of Li. These efforts and reports will help the enterprise to realize energy saving and cost reduction.


The project is mainly in the energy saving and emission reduction renovation of the plant. I completed the project through three stages:

  1. Understand the production of the product and measure the energy consumption data.
  2. Calculate the carbon footprint of the products and complete the energy audit report.
  3. Conduct energy-saving renovation and energy management system construction based on the report and energy consumption data.

For the product production space in Block A&B of the factory, I divided it into 11 parts, measured the energy consumption of 48 types of equipment, produced 3 reports, and made 30 recommendations for renovation. I also conducted energy-saving training and employee education in the factory to help build energy management.

Potential Impact

The total of 19 low-cost solutions I propose will be able to realize electricity savings of 12,225kWh and gas savings of 13,405 m³, with an estimated annual income of RMB 134,290 and a reduction of carbon emissions of 88t/year.

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