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Taixing, Jiangsu


Qiao Zhi helped Xinyu Glass Factory develop a systematic sustainable development plan.


TMS has proposed a plan to halve carbon emissions by 2030, but most of TMS' carbon emissions come from upstream suppliers. Therefore, promoting the sustainable development of upstream suppliers has become an important task in the construction of green supply chains, and Xinyu Glass Factory is one of TMS' upstream suppliers.

TMS recruited Qiao Zhi to study and analyze the energy consumption, water consumption and waste of Xinyu glass factory, and to put forward an overall, reasonable and feasible improvement proposal and plan for the factory based on the financial situation of the factory, while supporting and helping the factory to formulate scientific emission reduction targets and commitments , and established relevant management systems.


  • Calculated the greenhouse gas emissions of Xinyu Glass Factory, laying the foundation for its future sustainable development activities.
  • Jointly designed a sustainable development roadmap with the factory general manager Stan. Conduct financial analysis on the factory, plan clean energy investment projects based on its financial situation, and negotiate with partners.
  • Assisted the factory in establishing an EHS department and energy management ledger, providing job training for the new EHS environmental specialist, and working with her.
  • Based on the results of factory energy consumption audit, water audit, and environmental audit, Qiao Zhi have put forward further suggestions for the sustainable development of the factory.

Potential Impact

By conducting greenhouse gas emissions accounting and financial statement analysis on the factory, Qiao Zhi helped the factory develop a reasonable and scientific sustainable development roadmap, and initially established a management system. Qiao Zhi has developed a clean energy project plan and a glass furnace equipment update plan for the factory.

After these plans are implemented, they will help the factory save 1414832Kwh of electricity annually, generate 968475Kwh of clean electricity, and achieve 853 tons of carbon emissions reduction.

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