Attention MBA Students: Do you want to work at Yahoo!, Dunkin's Brands, or JP Morgan Chase Bank this summer?

Sitar Mody | January 7, 2011

Then make sure you submit your application by Tuesday, January 11th for EDF Climate Corps!

Next week is our early decision deadline. Our regular deadline is in February, but the benefit of applying early is that you have the chance to be matched with the impressive list of companies that signed up for early decision.

The EDF Climate Corps program demonstrates how rigorous training, on-the-ground analysis, and long-term follow-up can lead to real-world cost and energy savings, while providing unmatched opportunity for critical experiences that lay the groundwork for future careers.

Chris Anderson, who now works in the Department of Energy's Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, was an EDF Climate Corps fellow at Ahold grocery chain in 2009. He attributes much of his success along his career path to EDF Climate Corps. "Climate Corps was instrumental in solidifying my desire to work in the energy efficiency/renewable energy space. I was offered my dream opportunity at DOE in part on the strength of my experience, much of which I owe to my amazing summer with Climate Corps."

Still not sure if EDF Climate Corps is for you? To make it simple, we've pulled together the top 3 reasons to become an EDF Climate Corps fellow:

  1. Have direct impact inside a leading corporation. As an EDF Climate Corps fellow, you are working directly inside a leading corporation and leaving them with tangible recommendations that will save money and help the environment.
  2. Become a change agent for sustainability. Sustainability is a broad field. EDF Climate Corps fellows deepen quantitative and technical skills while becoming more effective change agents for sustainability.
  3. Grow your network significantly. By participating in EDF Climate Corps, you'll grow your network of sustainability professionals exponentially with established relationships with 50 other fellows, 3 years of Climate Corps alumni, EDF experts, and contacts at your company to help you throughout your career.

We look forward to seeing your applications next week!

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