AT&T Touts the Power of Fresh Perspectives through NGO Collaboration

Katie Ware | May 3, 2013

At EDF Climate Corps, we aim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by promoting aggressive energy efficiency in commercial buildings across the nation. For this reason, we are constantly working to share energy efficiency best practices with the 200+ organizations in our Network, and we are always encouraging our host organizations to share their learnings too. We’re happy to see AT&T has done just that.   

AT&T, recently named first on CR Magazine’s list of best corporate citizens, has hired EDF Climate Corps fellows to identify energy-saving opportunities each summer since 2010. Also, AT&T recently engaged with EDF on an aggressive water conservation project. We wanted to share the videos AT&T published this week on Mother Nature Network about all this work. The second video discusses the benefits AT&T sees in collaborating with outside groups like EDF.

AT&T Director of Energy, John Schinter, says that collaborating with outside groups like EDF Climate Corps gives AT&T “an ability to bring on fresh thinkers, and to look at things differently.” We couldn’t agree more! It’s this type of fresh perspective that has allowed our EDF Climate Corps fellows to identify such successful energy projects at AT&T and hundreds of other leading organizations.

 Stay tuned to the EDF Climate Corps Blog all summer to read more success stories from this year’s crop of fellows. And in the interim, we welcome you to get involved in our conversation.

 What is your organization doing to share best practices and case studies about energy and sustainability?  

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