Cummins - 2014

  • Yuejiao Ha
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Office Building | Industrial

Coming Fall 2014!

Fellow Profile

The reason I applied for EDF Climate Corps:
I am from China, which is facing great environmental challenges. I take it as my responsibility to help improve the current situation, in the hopes that I will apply what I have learned and assist corporations with their environmental actions. I believe that the training and experience I gain through EDF Climate Corps will help me fulfill my dream to a great extent. First, I will actually work within an organization to learn about its sustainability actions and provide practical recommendations on energy efficiency improvements. Second, I will get the precious opportunity to work with a group of outstanding colleagues to achieve a common goal. Third, our suggestions will hopefully be put into practice, and EDF will follow up with the host organizations to check in on implementation.

A recent professional or volunteer experience I've enjoyed:
In 2013, I worked as a climate policy intern at United Nations Development Programme in Beijing, China. Through the internship, I collected data and conducted research to create reports on climate change issues, e.g. China’s climate change strategy and carbon tax, and I revised the National Human Development Report 2013 according to experts’ comments. Meanwhile, I edited ten bi-monthly climate change newsletters as reference for environmental institutions. Through the internship, I not only gained advanced knowledge and skills related to international issues, especially climate change, but also I enjoyed communicating and working with a group of professional and passionate colleagues.

One skill I hope to make use of this summer:
I am excited to apply what I have learned from previous classes and projects to identify energy efficiency improvement opportunities for my host organization. To fulfill this task, I will make use of my knowledge, analytical abilities and creative thinking regarding energy efficiency. Meanwhile, I will learn from my supervisor of the host organization, as well as my EDF Climate Corps engagement manager, to apply the knowledge and skills into practice.

My favorite class or activity in graduate school:
This Spring, I was a project innovator in a Duke Interdisciplinary Social Innovators (DISI) team working for Healing with CAARE, Inc. CAARE is a local NGO in Durham, aiming to provide effective prevention and case management services to at-risk people and their families. Our team aimed to create a strategic plan for the job incubator owned by CAARE to help the entrepreneurs in the incubator develop their businesses and to help CAARE’s at-risk members get jobs through the entrepreneurs. We interviewed with managers and entrepreneurs of job incubators in Durham to learn about their experience with start-ups and their suggestions on running incubators. Meanwhile, we conducted research on professional training resources for start-up entrepreneurs and revised job-training materials for CAARE members.

My favorite outdoor place:
I like travelling a lot, and I enjoy almost anywhere with beautiful scenery or cultural interests. Based in Durham, NC, I like to walk in the Sarah P. Duke Gardens in different seasons. The Gardens are full of various kinds of flowers and a large lawn is located in the center. On the weekends, there are usually families gathering together there, and it is really nice watching little kids running across the field. The peaceful environment there always puts me in a good mood.

One thing I hope to achieve:
In the future, I hope that I will contribute to addressing environmental problems, especially in China at the corporate level. In other words, I wish to help companies achieve their environmental goals through energy efficiency improvement projects and carbon emissions reduction actions. In the short run, I would like to gain solid knowledge and practical skills through EDF Climate Corps, which will greatly help me in achieving my long-term target.