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Organizationsort descending Name Year Project Type
AAC Technologies Qian Luo 2017 Commercial Energy Efficiency  
American Tire Distributors Christianah Oyenuga 2018  
Associated Materials Karunakaren Muthumani Hariharan 2014 Financial Evaluation and Planning, Industrial Energy Efficiency, Sustainability and Energy Management Strategy  
Associated Materials Krishna Chaitanya Vinnakota 2014 Industrial Energy Efficiency  
Associated Materials Anson Chang 2018  
Berry Global Leah Thill 2016 Clean and Renewable Energy  
Boeing Jack Hogin 2012 Financial Evaluation and Planning  
BYD North America Sophie Tyack 2018  
Cabot Corporation Amir J. Khaleghi 2014 Industrial Energy Efficiency  
Cabot Corporation Harini Rengarajan 2017 Clean and Renewable Energy  
Cabot Corporation Xiaoding Deana Zhuo 2013 Data Analysis, Industrial Energy Efficiency  
Caterpillar Gaurang Sethi 2012 Clean and Renewable Energy  
Caterpillar Austin Bushree 2018  
Charter NEX Films Asami Tanimoto 2018  
Chemours Caitlin Maggio 2018  
Coca-Cola China Gang Wang 2016 Industrial Energy Efficiency  
Coca-Cola China Yiping Shao 2017 Data Analysis, Industrial Energy Efficiency  
Coca-Cola China Mo Shi 2018  
Corning Incorporated Donna Sanders 2016 Industrial Energy Efficiency  
Corning Incorporated Jithu Vadakkayil Puzhakkara 2017 Clean and Renewable Energy, Commercial Energy Efficiency, Engagement and Behavior Change  
Covestro Jesus Velez Diaz 2017 Data Analysis, Sustainability and Energy Management Strategy  
Covestro Kathy Tian 2018  
Covestro Yingxi Qu 2018  
Cummins Margaret Rudolph 2010 Engagement and Behavior Change  

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