Lenovo (China)

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Industrial Goods and Manufacturing

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Sustainability and Energy Management Strategy




Shenzhen, Guangdong


Jialu Zuo identified key areas and measures for LSSC’s environmental compliance and proposed a framework for monthly departmental ESG reporting and sources of information to be collected.


Lenovo is building a new site Lenovo Smart South Campus (LSSC) in Shenzhen. To fulfill the environmental compliance of the new plant, Lenovo expected Jialu Zuo to help investigate the status quo of LSSC’s environmental compliance and propose future improvements, especially to identify the applicable environmental laws and regulations and the key areas of environmental compliance for LSSC. Other ad-hoc tasks include structuring the ESG newsletter and sources collection and preparing environment-related training and newsletter materials.


Jialu Zuo adopted a three-step approach to the main tasks of environmental compliance:

  • Identified relevant national and local environmental laws & regulations that apply to LSSC and form a checklist that is presented to upper management in a concise and visual format.
  • Through two field visits and frequent interviews, LSSC business leaders were consulted on the implementation of each law/regulation, checked if it was implemented on site and advised accordingly.
  • Industry benchmarking study. Comparisons were made with leading companies in the electronics manufacturing industry in terms of their factory environmental management practices, as well as with negative cases of corporate environmental violations, to complement the final recommendations.

Potential Impact

By raising awareness of environmental compliance and strengthening its environmental management capabilities, LSSC can improve its environmental performance. By emphasizing key areas such as green supply chain management, solid waste management, cleaner production systems and low carbon development, LSSC can strategically avoid environmental compliance risks and improve its image by committing to environmental friendliness and enhancing social welfare, thereby contributing to its ESG performance.

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