Cummins - 2012

Michael Norbeck | Indiana University

Shivang Desai | Case Western Reserve University

  • Michael Norbeck.
  • Shivang Desai
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Energy Management / Strategy / Tools | Retrocommissioning
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Shivang Desai

Cummins enlisted Shivang Desai to develop strategic initiatives that will ensure energy efficiency in its existing and new facilities. In addition to expanding existing building standards to take site and climatic conditions into account, he developed a building commissioning process for use across the entire organization, as well as a metric for gauging energy efficiency and carbon dioxide output at sites under consideration for new facility construction.

In just 40 U.S. facilities, Desai's recommendations could save Cummins over $5 million in net operating costs every year, as well as 72 million kilowatt hours and 51,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions.

Michael Norbeck

At Cummins, Michael Norbeck developed an energy management scorecard for company facilities worldwide. The tool will provide site-level energy use and performance data needed to assess and drive progress toward Cummins' recently-adopted energy intensity and greenhouse gas reduction goals.

The tool has two components – an energy balance framework and a performance scorecard – which will facilitate site-level energy use monitoring and establish common metrics for tracking site performance and energy managment. These outputs, in turn, will provide a foundation for capital investment and strategic decision making at the global and corporate levels. It may also build a culture of ownership and accountability around site-level energy use.